Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about our funeral plans

What does a Guardian Plan include?

You can choose what you include in your Guardian Plan prepaid funeral. See details.

What happens to the money I pay?

Guardian Plan bears the investment risk associated with your funds, not you. The funds are invested with The Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited. The Society appoints investment managers with appropriate expertise to manage the investments of the funds, in accordance with guidelines established by the Society, regulated by APRA.

You can rest assured your money is held safely until the time comes for your funeral to be finalised, and the services will be provided according to the wishes you set out in the contract.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. Once you agree the price of your Guardian Plan prepaid funeral, you can either:

  • pay in full; or
  • pay an initial 30% contribution, followed by monthly instalments over 36 months.

Monthly instalment payment is not available for packages, full payment is required at the time of arranging your pre-paid funeral.

You may authorise a direct debit against your bank account so the payments happen automatically.

If the Guardian Plan is required before the instalments are fully paid, then provided your payments are up-to-date, Guardian Plan can ensure the payments are put towards the agreed funeral. Any shortfall will be payable to the funeral director at that time.

Can I cancel my Guardian Plan?

Guardian Plan invests your funds with The Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited on your behalf. You are entitled to cancel the Guardian Plan within 30 days, or such other period as required by legislation, of receiving the Society’s Policy Confirmation Letter.

After the Cooling Off Period you cannot cancel or reduce the services written in the plan, and the money can only be used to pay for funeral expenses.

Will the cost of my Guardian Plan ever increase?

No, you and your family are protected against inflation.

Will my pension be adversely affected?

No, your Guardian Plan is exempt from both the assets test and deeming rules. Entering into a Guardian Plan may help you qualify for the pension or increase your part-pension, if you meet the ATO criteria. Please ensure you read the disclosure document and seek advice prior to making any decisions.

Will prepaying a funeral service affect my personal income tax position?

No, your prepaid funeral plan benefits come free of any personal tax implications.

Is there a waiting period or accidental death restriction?

No, once paid in full, the Guardian Plan will be provided in accordance with your wishes. If the plan is required before it is paid in full and the instalment payments are not in arrears, our policy is to invite the family to finalise payment. This will ensure you receive the full benefits as per your plan.

What if repatriation is needed?

Guardian Plan can arrange repatriation from anywhere in Australia to your nominated funeral director so your funeral can take place where you intended. A Travel Protection Plan covers additional funeral-related costs which are incurred when death occurs whilst travelling away from the normal place of residence. (Subject to terms and conditions contained in the Guardian Plan contract.)

Pre-arranging a memorial

If you have prearranged your funeral, which covers your funeral service needs, it makes sense to consider prearranging your memorial too. Prearranging a memorial means you secure a permanent memorial type and position in a memorial park cemetery or garden, and pay for it at today's price.

Call us on 1800 220 888 and we can recommend beautiful nearby Memorial Parks.

These documents should be read in conjunction with your Guardian Plan Contract. 

This is the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) issued by Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited ABN 81 087 649 063 AFSL 524353 and is dated 14 May 2021. In this document we explain: the Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited; how funds entrusted to us ensure the provision of an agreed prepaid funeral, or funeral-related services at the time of need by Guardian Plan; and further discuss the benefits to you and your family

The Terms and Conditions for a Guardian Plan Contract detail the terms which will be agreed upon when purchasing a Guardian Plan.

These documents should be read in conjunction with your Guardian Plan Contract.