Which costs can be covered by Guardian Plan?

The transfer of the deceased during business hours from the place of death within a 70 kilometre radius of the participating (nominated) funeral director.

Professional consultation at the time of death to explain your wishes and involve those left behind in arranging additional services such as organising of newspaper notices and ordering flowers if required.

Interim care for the deceased prior to the funeral.

Supply of coffin or casket.

Presentation for viewing, prayers and professional attendance at the funeral, chapel, church, crematorium or graveside.

Completion of documents necessary to enable registration of death to facilitate the burial or cremation.

Provision of necessary vehicles.

Instructions to the crematorium or cemetery.

Whilst planning the funeral details with your Guardian Plan consultant, you are encouraged to clearly record your choice of cremation or burial.

Should you wish to pre-purchase a right of burial (including burial plots, crypts and related monument works) or cremation, your Guardian Plan consultant will assist you to make contact directly with the appropriate cemetery or crematorium.

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