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Simplicity Funerals Enfield

429 Main North Road

Enfield SA 5085


Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 4.30pm

Sat-Sun: by appointment

Since 1979, we’ve helped people honour lives. We bring families, friends and communities together to say goodbye on their terms and within their means. Four decades has taught us that life is complex. But in the end, what matters is very simple.

Our experience is why simplicity underpins everything we do. The Simplicity Funerals team are respectful, dignified and accessible to everyone. Our services are just as simple as our legacy, because during tough times, we believe simplicity is a great comfort.

The Enfield funeral home includes a spacious chapel and an arrangement room.

  • There are six parking spots at the location, and more parking available on the surrounding streets.
  • The chapel comfortably seats 50 guests, with standing room for an additional 20 people. Audio-visual equipment is available for the service.