Why pre-plan a funeral?

Relieve your family's burden

Why pre-plan your funeral


Locked in with no worries

Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to pay in advance. With payment plans of up to three years and no hidden costs, you loved ones won't be left to foot the bill.

Funeral plans are exempt from the asset test, so it may also help maximise your pension. All payments are held securely by The Over 50s Guardian Friendly Society, under APRA regulation.

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No one knows you like you

No one knows you like you

When it comes to your funeral, it makes sense to pre-plan so you can get every detail just the way you want it.

Choose something traditional, or something unique. In the end it's your funeral, and your choice.

With Guardian Plan, you can make sure your funeral is celebrated on your terms.

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Let's talk money

A Guardian Plan can cost between $4,000-$15,000 depending on what you choose. And with costs locked in at today’s prices, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be protected from inflation.

We’ll work with you to find one that suits your budget. Plans include things like the funeral service, coffin, transportation, documentation, burial or cremation and full professional support.

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While funeral costs might not be the most comfortable thing to discuss, it’s a conversation that’s better had sooner rather than later. The least stressful time to arrange a funeral is long before it’s needed.

Start that conversation with us, so you can do the same with your family and friends.